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I ask the New Jersey attorney general to disbar: Kridel Law Group in Clifton, New Jersey

Kridel Lawfirm (Clifton, New Jersey) Bribes Andre Chapman (JIll's Ex-Husband) & Brant Snell for False Statements Against Her
Posted 3/2/2009 12:05 PM EST

I ask the New Jersey attorney general to disbar:
Kridel Law Group in Clifton, New Jersey
Contact Information
Phone: 973-470-0800
Fax: 973-472-1909

I originally requested the lawfirm be disbarred from practicing law in the state of New Jersey back when I was attending William Paterson College in New Jersey prior to 1997.

It is public information any national news media group in America can prove beyond any doubt, by merely asking for it at the local Pompton Lakes New Jersey Court Clerk:

1) James A. Kridel Esq., his lawfirm, the West Milford Prosecutor (at that time between 1991-1997), my former landlord from whom I rented an apartment from, Brant Snell, his brother (joint owner of Snell’s property in Bloomingdale NJ, along with Harry Shortway and the West Milford Police Force, committed bribery, conspired to commit extortion with malicious intent against me, and also committed physical acts of terroristic threats against me at the Snell’s residence I rented.

This occurred when the West Milford police responded to a phone call emanating from Brant Snell and arrived outside my apartment. I had also called them simultaneously because Brant Snell and his brother were threatening me all day attempting to get me to leave my apartment; neither men filed legal eviction procedings agsainst me.

Sgt, Laughlin and co-conspiritors arrived on the scene proceding to cut my phone line at the Snell’s, then proceeding to threaten me outside my apartment. The police on the scene included red haired Sgt. Laughlin formerly beating my head against his squad car in West Milford NJ when taking custody of my two children from me giving custody to my ex husband, Andre Chapman.

All men involved i nthis incident malicously intended endangering my life, reputation and well being; they sucessed. They also succeeded causing irreparable and permanant emotional harm forever to my two children now adults; my son currently having a son of his own.

Both men, my ex-husband Andre Chapman along with former landlord Brant Snell admitted their guilt openly in Pompton Lakes Court before the presiding judge then.

Andre Chapman, my ex husband admitted committing this vile crime against me and my two children to gain continunal custody rights over my two children at that time, and, Brant Snell for wanting to evict me from my apartment because I would not have sex with him when I was a student at that time when I rented from him. And, owing to my police report I filed stating the truth: that he illegally entered my upstairs apartment from his house attempting on numerous occasion to have sexual relations with me and abuse me against my will through intimidation. Brant Snell also refused to allow me to lock my upstairs apartment and entered at his own will for several nights.

Harry Shortway told me he strongly suspected Brant Snell and his friend from Vernon NJ having to do with the Vernon New Jersey rapist/murders that occured at, Waywayanda State Park in West Milford NJ. Harry Shortway asked me to see what evidence I could get to him against Snell from my apartment leading up to his attic.
I did and it was very suspicous. Snell kept old newspaper clippings of the rapes and murders etc.. Shortway never arrested either man. SNell’s friend even told me he was up at the Waywaynda Park harrassing women at that time.

The judge fined my ex husband, warning both men and Kridel himself.

The NJ State Attorney General then, completely ignored my complaints afterwhich. I drove to Fort Dix Military Base complaining to the internal affairs officer who told me that Harry Shortway was affiliated with too powerful an organization for him to do anyting to help me.

The Kridel lawfirm was allowed to continue practicing their so-called “law” in the state of NJ.

More to Come on them but I was slandered forever and my reputation ruined because my ex husband had told Kridel lawfirm that “My Wife Jill Starr has a gun and she will use it.”

I never did and it was a lie!

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And they wanted to either kill me and/or prove I was too unstable mentally to stand before the Int’l Criminal Court for Serbia (?)

Obviously YES!
admit often wondering in the post 1999 Kosovo environment when and if:
Bill Clinton will send the NATO to the west milford municipal building for committing agregeous violations of human rights and genocide against jews and blacks in the State of NJ and in Passaic County in general.

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